Frequently Asked Questions


What type of muslin is used for your product?

We use only the softest muslin available. Our deluxe muslin is comprised of a blend of rayon from bamboo and cotton giving your lil one the comfort and breathability they need. We chose this blend to maximize the benefits of both bamboo and cotton - offering a sustainable fabric that maximizes breathability, softness, and comfort! With each wash you will find our muslin gets softer and softer!

How do I care for my muslin?

Our muslin is best washed in cold with like colours and tumble dry on low. You can always refer to the care labels on each of our products for detailed instructions.

What is linen?

Linen is an ancient fabric that was first harvested over 8000 years ago. Our linen collection is naturally woven from European Flax for a luxurious finish. This natural fiber does not need pesticides and requires less water to grow than other fabrications. It is known to be the most hypoallergenic, breathable and eco friendly fabric available! Our collection is also oeko-tex certified, printed with non toxic dyes and tested for safety by SGS Canada. 

How do I care for my linen?

Linen is best washed in cold water with like colours and tumble dry on low.

How do I care for my silicone?

Our silicone is easy to clean! Simply hand wash with soap and warm water or place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Why do the colours sometimes look slightly different in your prints from product to product?

The printing process is unique, just like your lil one. Printing on muslin can be complex which can create some variation in the hues and colours during the printing process. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your item, please review our return policy to get in touch with our team.

How are your products made?

Our products are all proudly designed in Canada and ethically produced globally. We focus on partnering with responsible manufacturers always keeping in mind sustainability, safety, and innovation.

How are you committed to sustainability?

At Lil North Co, our committment is to helping parents find trend right product made from high quality sources while always committing to ethical sourcing and working with global partners who understand the impact of our choices to the environment. We focusing on developing product that have lower impacts to our environment than traditional sources & methods. We are also committed to ensuring our packaging is recyclable and plastic free!

 Marketing and Sales

I'm interested in carrying your product. How can I apply for wholesale?

To connect with us regarding wholesale please send an email to Simply send us your details and use the subject line Wholesale.

I would like to work together as an influencer. Where can I apply?

We love collaborating! You can contact us at Simply send us your details and use the subject line Collaboration!

Safety and Testing

How do I know your product is safe?

Our priority is keeping lil ones safe! All of our silicone and muslin products are tested through SGS Canada to meet local North American safety standards. We pursue product made from high quality materials.

They are tested to ensure components are strong, non-toxic, and meet flammability requirements as mandated by CCPSA (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and the United States CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

What safety standards does your muslin meet?

The dyes in our muslin are AZO free and all of our prints are digitally printed, which helps to conserve more water and energy than traditional printing methods.

What safety standards does you silicone meet?

All of our silicone product is made with FDA approved food grade silicone. Our items are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Each style, from the silicone base to the paint used in our prints, has been tested for Lead, Mercury, PVC, Phthalates and flammability. Each item has also gone through physical and mechanical testing to ensure your child is only using the safest items possible!